1. What does the Token distribution look like?
1. In total there will be 100 Million tokens minted. With the split of: Liquidity 10%, Team Tokens 10%, Staking 15%, Treasury 25%, Public Distribution 40%.
2. When and where are you going to hold the IEO?
1. IEO will be held on during the month of June 2021. ExMarkets is one of the first exchanges out there who implemented Cardano native token support.
3. There is an Airdrop happening, how will the tokens be distributed?
1. Once the campaign is over, ADAX Native tokens will be sent to Yoroi wallets of all eligible participants.
1. Who is in the team behind ADAX?
1. The team consists of seasoned crypto industry professionals, from development, to marketing and financials, who have decided to bring their ETH experience to Cardano ecosystem.
2. What is the end goal of the project?
1. The end goal is simply to create a benchmark of a liquidity / swapping solution that could be easily adopted by the Cardano community and re-used for future projects.
3. Besides the official roadmap, are there any other plans that will be considered?
1. Absolutely! We are hoping that our community will help us drive and develop the product, and their input will be highly appreciated and taken into consideration. Additional features, secondary products are pieces that will definitely come along the way.