The "how to" for Cardano Native Token Minting/Burning

Hey there Cardano community!
We are team of blockchain developers, combined with people across the world, and we have been working in blockchain technology since 2012, with various projects starting from exchanges, swap solutions, custom blockchains and many more. We have been watching Cardano project since its initial release with the Byron stage and with the announcement of recent news regarding the smart contracts release, IOHK ERC20 bridge, it was a no brainer for us to jump on together with our project ADAX.
First thing that we noticed with our ADAX project is how difficult it is to issue assets/tokens on Cardano network for regular developers and projects, the reason being not the protocol itself but the lack of documentation and resources available in one consolidated place. After days spent on R&D and “freestyling” with the code - we not only issued assets and the ADAX token on Testnet as well as Mainnet, but also summarized all information into a couple of documents.
So here it is, our contribution to the community! We believe this will be helpful to everyone including existing projects/businesses as well as startups who would love to get involved into Cardano Blockchain. We are bullish on Cardano and expect more projects to be able to access its’ blockchain and start their new ventures!
We believe you will find this guide helpful, and we surely are willing to guide everyone as much as we can as a contribution on our part for Cardano network. So do not hesitate to drop us any questions via email at [email protected] – don’t skip the attachments on this post!
Cardano to the moon!
ADAX.PRO dev team